Sage Duo Temp Pro Coffee Machine Review

Sage Duo Temp Pro Review

Sage Duo Temp Pro, a great hybrid between an automatic and manual coffee machine.

The Sage Duo Temp Pro is a manual espresso machine by Sage that has been endorsed by Heston Blumenthal. At New Coffee Lovers, we love a good manual machine! We like to be involved in the process and be responsible for a good or bad tasting cup of coffee!

Overview of the Sage Duo Temp Pro

Some manual coffee machines come with built-in coffee grinders, the Sage Duo Temp Pro, unfortunately, doesn’t. However, that does keep it compact in size and allow you to select your own coffee grinder. Sage do offer a grinder companion to this coffee machine, which is sold separately. But personally, I think you would be best choosing whichever one fits your needs best.

The Sage Duo Temp Pro has very few customisation options, some could consider this a negative, especially if you want the full home-barista experience. However, if you want the convenience of an automatic machine, but a little more control. Such as tamping your own coffee, control over how much coffee you extract and the ability to froth your own milk and create latte art, this machine could be perfect.

Features of the Sage Duo Temp Pro

Sage have included a 1.8-litre water tank on the back, this is a slim profile tank that is easy to remove and refit and holds ample water for most peoples needs! The machine also takes a filter, this helps keep the water fresh and of the correct quality, ultimately helping to achieve the perfect taste.

The Sage Duo Temp Pro does include a cup warmer on top of the machine, this is a great addition that is missing from most machines and also gives a useful place to store two cups. It isn’t the fastest thing at warming cups and if you are in a rush the hot water option from the steam arm will get your cup up to temperature in no time!

If you remove the drip tray at the bottom of the machine it can be easily emptied and cleaned, but more than that underneath you will find a useful storage tray. This is great for storing spare filters, cleaning tablets, etc.

Coffee Beans

Bars of pressure

The Sage Duo Temp Pro offers 15 bars of pressure. As you will have seen in our other reviews, over 13 bars of pressure really isn’t required. The 13 bars allows the machine to get up to and above the ideal 9 bars required for the perfect brew. However, in this case, Sage have used the 15 bars to deliver a great deal of pressure to the steam arm. This allows for the creation of latte art. Some steam arms simply don’t deliver enough pressure to create latte art. They can create enough steam to froth your milk perfectly to create a great coffee but fail when it comes to latte art.

This is going to sound rather gimmicky, but one of the things we love most about the Sage Duo Temp Pro is the magnetised removable tamp! So, you have removed your portafilter from the machine, placed it in your grinder and got your freshly ground coffee, ready to tamp. You simply pull the tamp, which is the black object to the left of the portafilter in the image. It releases and is ready to use, it’s perfectly located, high quality and always there when you need it!

Speaking of the portafilter, they get pulled, twisted and locked into place a lot. They take a fair amount of abuse, we have seen some flimsy portafilter’s that need replacing under warranty. The portafilter included with the Sage Duo Temp Pro is made from a single piece of steel, feels very sturdy and we can tell will last the test of time!

Controls and accessories

To control the Sage Duo Temp Pro you have two buttons and a dial. You turn it on with the button on the left of the machine, then turn the dial to the left to start extracting coffee through the portafilter into your cup. Or, turn the dial to the right to either dispense steam or hot water through the steam arm. The choice of which you get is decided by the button the right of the machine. Turn the dial to the centre and it stops what it is doing. We would always recommend keeping the steam arm over the drip tray. That way whatever you select you will find it dispenses hot water or steam only over the drip tray.

The Sage Duo Temp Pro comes with the following:

  • Cleaning Tablets
  • Water Filter
  • 4 Baskets
  • Dosing razor
  • Tamp
  • Metal jug

Positives and Negatives

The Duo Temp Pro has many positives and a few negatives, we have listed them below for your convenience.


  • 15 bars of pressure capable of latte art
  • Cup warmer
  • Magnetised tamp
  • 2 Year warranty


  • No integrated grinder
  • Lack of control over coffee strength
  • No adjustable cup height



Whilst there are a few negatives to the Sage Duo Temp Pro such as the lack of a grinder, and the full amount of control we like to see from a manual coffee machine. It does have some amazing features, such as a steam wand capable of latte art, the 2-year warranty and much more. It is a very stylish machine, very capable and gives that hybrid of half home barista, half automated process.

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Sage Duo Temp Pro
  • Features
  • Ease of Use
  • Cleaning
  • Price


The Sage Duo Temp Pro is a very stylish coffee machine that produces great tasting coffee. The addition of latte art creation really makes the machine.

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