Ring Video Doorbell 2 Review

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How many times have you missed someone at the door, a friend or even more important that Amazon delivery you have been waiting for! What’s even more frustrating is that usually, you were in the back garden, or at the end of the road and if you had known you could have been back before they left.

Well, worry no more! Thanks to the Ring video doorbell all of that is behind you!

Ring Video Doorbell 2 Review

Whilst there are a fair few manufacturers now producing smart doorbells, in my opinion, none do it quite like Ring do. They are on their second revision now and it really hits the spot! It takes the humble doorbell and brings it crashing into the 21st century. With video, two-way audio and the ability to be notified and communicate from anywhere in the world!

Via the Ring 2 video intercom system, you can hear, see and talk to your visitor from your PC, smartphone or tablet, whether you are away or at home. In this review, we look at this smart home device and what makes it better than other similar devices available today.

Manufacturers specs

Ring Video Doorbell 2

  • Motion detection
  • Night vision mode
  • Weight- 250g
  • Colour- Satin nickel and Venetian bronze
  • Batteries- 1x AAA (included)
  • Dimension- 6 x 2.5 x 12.5 cm
  • Wattage- 0.5 watts

Features of the Ring Video Doorbell 2

The package includes two interchangeable faceplates, Venetian bronze and satin nickel so that you can choose one that matches your style and home. Also included in the package are two angled wedges. These are helpful if you want to install this smart doorbell at an angle or on a corner.

Setting up this smart bell is quite easy. All you need is a drill and a few minutes to spare. You can choose to wire it to your existing doorbell circuitry, or you can use it next to your existing doorbell and run it from its battery. The best part about using Ring 2 doorbell over Ring 1 doorbell model is that you do not have to remove the entire unit from the wall to charge it.

With Ring 2, you just remove the faceplate, then the lithium battery and charge the battery through its Micro USB port. According to Ring, the battery, when fully charged can last for up to six months. That said, when you use the full view mode, the charge will be depleted faster. Some users, who have used the full view mode, said they had to charge it twice times during the six month period.

Ring Video doorbell 2 comes with an app that allows you to check the battery level and alerts you when it needs recharging. You can charge it overnight when you are not expecting any visitors. Once you have assembled the unit, use the screws to secure it in place. Unlike the older model, the screws for Ring 2 are not easy to undo. If someone tried to steal this model, they could only get away with the battery and faceplate.

It’s important to note that Ring has offered to replace stolen units as long as there is a crime reference number obtained. I suppose this gives some confidence that they feel the latest model is much harder to steal.

Performance and Usage

Once you have mounted the bell, you will notice it is a bit bulkier than the Nest Hello. Ring 2 is a bit of a chubby doorbell, but don’t worry about that, it’s still aesthetically pleasing and after all, doorbells are meant to be visible.  However, the fact that it does not require hardwiring and comes with two faceplates that are stylish, makes up for this the initial stumbling block of it being a little bigger than the competition. After the doorbell is mounted, pair it with your Wi-Fi using the Ring app and you are good to go.

The Ring Video Doorbell 2 works well on its own, but if your broadband speeds are below 2Mb, you can’t stream the video successfully. It still works fantastically well inside your house on your home WiFi, if you are upstairs or in the garden, etc. But it just means that away from your home you are a little limited. Thankfully, this isn’t an issue for most of us are broadband speeds are getting better day by day.

 So how does the Ring 2 work?

The Ring 2 is fitted with motion sensors. So, if a motion is detected, video recording is initiated and the app sends you a motion alert. If you want to speak, tap the green button. If you want to stop streaming the video and not answer the person at the door, tap the red button.

Now, these sensitive motion detectors can be fantastic or annoying. It can be annoying if you live close to a street. Imagine getting an alert every time a car passes or your neighbour goes for a jog. However, Ring has dealt with this issue by allowing users to change the camera’s field of vision. You can do this by deselecting any motion zones where you don’t want the camera to trigger motion alerts.

Another great feature of the Ring 2 is its Full HD 1020p fish-eye camera with 160-degrees wide angle view. This means the footage is super clear. However, the images can be a bit patchy if the object moves by the doorbell fast. For example, annoying little kids who press the doorbell and run. But, overall the Ring 2’s camera has more clear images than many of its competitors.

The fish-eye camera has night mode capabilities; you can see clearly who is at the door at night. Another nifty feature in the Video Doorbell 2 is the built-in speakers. These speakers allow two-way communication between you and your guests. This way, you can screen people before letting them in or sending them away, all this from your smartphone.

The audio quality is excellent due to noise cancellation-board. The best thing about this smart home device is you can view and talk to the person on your front door via your smartphone, no matter where you are in the world, as long as you have Wi-Fi.

Smart home integration

Do you want to make your house a smart home? Then add Ring Video Doorbell 2 to your arsenal of smart home devices. Ring 2, via the Ring app, can be paired with a smart lock.  So, when you get an alert that someone is at the door, all you have to do is press a button on the Ring app to unlock the door.

Ring 2 works with Lockitron and LockState smart locks. Ring 2 also works with Google Home and Alexa.

Product Gallery

Storage subscription plans

All security devices created by Ring are subscription free. This means you access motion alerts, live streaming, and two-way communication for free. These features are great, but they don’t allow you to play back recorded video at a later time. This can be a pain because you might miss some visitors, especially if you are travelling or in a meeting. It is also handy to be able to review the footage later and make use of it as CCTV.

The great news is that Ring offers a video subscription service. You get the first 30 days free to test out if you like it. This service allows cloud storage for your recordings for up to 60 days. This means that with this service, you can watch recordings for the last 60 days. This subscription also allows you to share the videos on social media or download them. Ring Cloud Storage subscription will only cost you £2.50 per month.

Whilst this isn’t a must, for us at £2.50 it’s a great addition!

What’s in the box

  • The Ring 2 video doorbell
  • Wall plugs
  • Drill bit
  • Screws
  • Mini spirit level
  • Screwdriver
  • Two wedge mounts

Positives and negatives


  • Comes with lifetime theft protection
  • Does not require hard wiring
  • Works well with Amazon echo show.
  • Weather-resistant


  • Doesn’t have free video storage
  • Default app notification sound is annoying (You can change the sound through, settings, notifications, ring)

The Ring Doorbell Version 1

This review would be incomplete if we didn’t touch a bit on Ring’s first-generation model, the Ring Video Doorbell 1. This early version of Ring doorbell shares some similarities with the 2nd generation model.

For example, it comes with Venetian bronze, antique brass, satin nickel and polished brass faceplates so that you can choose one that blends perfectly into your home environment. It also has motion detectors and sends alerts when someone approaches the doorbell. This Wi-Fi-compatible smart device also allows you to set motion zones so that you get alerts on the specific areas you want to monitor.

While all these features are great for a lower price, the difference between Ring 1 and Ring 2 is like night and day. Ring 1 outputs a 720p image while Ring 2 outputs 1020p. This means the video images from Ring 2 are sharper and more precise. Ring also worked to improve motion detection and night vision on its 2nd generation model.

Lastly, and one of the most significant differences, with Video Doorbell 1, you have to take the whole unit off the wall to go and recharge the battery. With Video Doorbell 2 you simply remove the security screw and faceplate, remove the battery and recharge it.


Video doorbells are not a technological fad; they are a must-have for every homeowner. Ring has the most widely used smart doorbells in the UK. The Ring Video Doorbell 2 is not discreet. Doorbells aren’t meant to be discreet; your visitors should be able to find yours easily.

This smart home product guarantees you of high-quality video images, motion detection, and timely alerts. With this 2nd generation model, your home’s security is in your hand. With Ring Video Doorbell 2, you are always home.

Ring Video Doorbell 2
  • Features
  • Ease of Use
  • Ease of Install
  • Price


The ring video doorbell 2 sets the standard in smart home doorbells! With 1080p video, two way audio and smartphone notifications it has it all!

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