Best Home Security Camera UK Review

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Best Home Security Camera UK Review

We take a look at our top 3 home security cameras to fit any budget.

Is CCTV overkill for your home? We are used to a CCTV state, wherever we turn there are cameras watching us. In city centre’s, ANPR cameras watching us drive along and also in our places of work. So do we really need them in our home too?

What value does CCTV at home add? Well the first thing it does is add a visual deterrent if it is external CCTV. Opportunistic burglars look for several things, an alarm, CCTV and if you have a dog (ring the door bell). If you have any of these or all of these your home is a harder target and you as less likely to be targeted. There is also the added benefit that if someone does break into your property or vehicle, you have footage that can be passed to the police. This could be showing faces to identify the thieves or if they are covering their faces, it shows a run down of how they got in so that you can secure your property against this happening again in the future.

Internal CCTV, as creepy as it sounds actually has some brilliant uses! If you have a baby it can be used to watch over them and interact with them at nighttime in their cot. If you have a pet you can keep an eye on them from work and speak to them when required. There is the obvious benefit of protecting your home and if used in conjunction with an internet connect burglar alarm it can be used to check if it is a false alarm or not.

Benefits of a home CCTV camera

  1. Deters criminals from targeting your home
  2. Enables police to identify criminals if a crime occurs.
  3. Require little maintenance

Disadvantages of a home CCTV camera

  1. Can look like you have something worth protecting

In this review, we take a look at two internal and one external CCTV camera. We look at their best features and categorise based on value for money and the best fit for you.

Best Budget Home Security Camera

Victure IP Security Camera

The Victure wireless security camera is designed to help you keep an eye on your pet, baby, elderly loved ones or intruders. This security camera boasts recording in 1080P, motion detection, night vision, and 2-way audio.

The Victure indoor camera is easy to set up and connect to your Wi-Fi network. After you have set it up, you can connect it to your phone using the IPC360 app. This app is available for Android and Apple smartphones. It is relatively easy to setup and looks great in your home. Once you have positioned it, it’s relatively plug and play, it just works.

The night vision capabilities allow you to see up to 30 feet in the dark.  If motion is detected, the built-in alarm sends alerts to your smartphone and can be set to email you too.

You can then review the footage directly in the app to see what happened or watch a live stream.  Another great feature of the Victure IP security camera is its built-in speaker, 38dB microphone, and anti-noise technology. This is great if you are away from home and want to listen in to what is going on, be it you think there is a burglary or you want to check on a loved one or pet.

The two-way audio is also useful for communicating with the person at the other end or reassuring a pet. This can be used as a modern day baby monitor at night, to keep an eye on your baby in their cot and speak to them if they need settling.

This smart home security product encrypts the SD card that is in the camera, so should the camera be plugged into a computer or the SD card be removed it cannot be accessed without knowing the decryption password.

Inside the box:

  • A Victure IP camera
  • Pan-tilt device
  • Power cable
  • Manual
  • Power plug
  • Two screwdrivers

Victure 1080P CCTV Camera

Benefits of the Victure IP

  1. Easy to install.
  2. No blind zones.
  3. Uses anti-cruise function for panoramic coverage.
  4. Comes with a 12-month warranty.
  5. Support wireless and wired network connectivity.

Disadvantages of the Victure IP

  1. Some users complained of poor night vision.

Manufacturers Specs

  • Resolution: 1080P
  • Wi-Fi frequency: 2.4 GHz
  • Infrared light: 850nm
  • PTZ: 100° tilt, 355°pan, 90° wide-angle
  • Dimensions: 11.5 x 9.3 x 11.5 cm


Ultimately, the Victure IP security camera is a budget camera and can perform all the function expected from a security camera. It offers functionality, reliability, and security for your home or rental property.


Best Value Home Security Camera

Yi Outdoor Home Security Camera

The Yi home security camera is one of the most popular security cameras on the market. The Yi camera is designed for outdoor use, and its elegant design allows it to blend seamlessly into your home environment. This security camera records in full HD 1080p which enables more precision of colour whether it is night time or daytime than 720P.

The Yi comes fitted with a 110-degree wide angle lens and a universal, flexible ball mount. These two features work together to enable you to pivot your camera in any direction you want to view. At night, you can sleep soundly knowing your Yi night vision will spot any intruders and send you an alert if one is detected.

This security camera uses infrared night vision that provides coverage for up to 50 feet in the dark. Its built-in microphone and speaker allows two-way audio. This enables you to speak to the person outside without leaving the comfort of your bed or chair. This system is also equipped with a deterrent alarm that helps you get rid of unwanted guests.

After installing your Yi Outdoor security camera, you should download the Yi Home app. This app allows you to customise alerts including time period alerts and area alarms.  So, where are the videos stored? Yi Cloud offers secure storage and plenty of storage capacity. Yi cloud ensures the data is encrypted and provides access only to you.

As a new user, you get a 30-day free trial. After that, you get to choose a package from the nine packages Yi Cloud offers.

YI Outdoor Security Camera

Benefits of Yi Outdoor security camera

  1. Sends alerts when movement is detected
  2. Built-in alarm
  3. Cloud storage options
  4. Weather resistant

Disadvantages of Yi Outdoor security camera

  1. Short power cable
  2. Only available in white

Manufacturers Specs

  • Colour: white
  • Weight: 350g
  • Dimensions: 17 x 15 x 8.8 cm
  • Waterproof rating: IP65
  • Connection: Wi-Fi 24 GHz.


The Yi outdoor home security camera is very popular in the consumer market because of its versatility. For a security camera in its price range, it’s an ideal choice for every homeowner. Very few security cameras can come close to the Yi Outdoor Home Security Camera in this price bracket.


Best Performing Home Security Camera

Accfly Wireless Security IP Camera

The Accfly wireless IP camera is a discreet camera for internal use. Being a WiFi camera, it can be located anywhere in the home and it’s small footprint means it fits almost anywhere.

It has the usual features of infra-red night vision, two-way audio, motion detection and 720p video quality. But, the Accfly IP camera also features a 185-degree lens. If this is placed on a ceiling or against a wall you have nearly 100% coverage of a room.

It supports up to a 128GB SD card but doesn’t come with a memory card, so you will need to order that separately. The way the camera sets up this card means that you won’t be able to simply remove it and add it into your computer to review the footage. The footage has to be viewed through the Accfly app.

Benefits of APEMAN Wireless

  • Night vision
  • 720p video
  • Support for 128GB SD card
  • 185-degree lens

Disadvantages of APEMAN Wireless

  • Has an accessible reset button on the camera.

Manufacturers Specs

  • Colour: White
  • Weight: 358 grams
  • Resolution: 720P
  • Wi-Fi frequency: WPA2 encryption, 2.4GHz.


Overall Rating

There is very little to complain about the APEMAN Wireless. It stands out because of its zoom in/out feature and a 365-degree field of view. It has other features that you will find quite convenient and that make up for the purchasing cost.


Best Home Security Camera (Overall Winner)

Yi Outdoor Home Security Camera

This review brings together the best 3 home security cameras. Each camera has unique features. For example, Victure IP security camera allows rapid positioning and has motion detectors that work perfectly.  APEMAN wireless home security camera uses nine built-in infrared lights for bright night vision and has a complete 360-degree viewing angle.

However, one camera stood out from the rest. At Cleverhab, we highly recommend the Yi Outdoor Home Security Camera. Yi security camera is not only lighter but more efficient. This security camera combines the features of Victure IP and APEMAN wireless into one camera.

Another great thing about Yi outdoor security camera is the Yi Cloud that keeps your footage secure from damage and theft. If you want a camera that has enough storage capacity, sensitive motion detectors and a powerful 1080P resolution, then go for Yi Outdoor security camera. Every homeowner should have one.

 YI Outdoor Security Camera

The Bottom Line

Home security is important. Unfortunately, you can’t keep watch over your home 24 hours a day. The good news is, a home security camera helps keep your home secure and updates you on your loved ones well being, even when you are halfway across the world.

If you love your home, your property, then you must keep it secure at all times. Consider any of the security cameras mentioned above. We believe you will find an exact match for your needs here.

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