Best Electric Shower Review

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Best Electric Shower Review

We take a look at our top 3 electric showers to suit any budget.

Electric showers have over the years become the most popular showers in use today. Not only are these showers convenient and highly efficient, but they also come with a series of additional features that make using them a breeze.

Due to the growing number of electric showers in the market today, choosing one is far from easy. This is where we come in, providing you with what we believe are the best electric showers available today.

When selecting an electric shower there are several factors that you need to put into consideration. These include the adjustability of its showerhead, its power ratings and its ease of use and installation. However, at the end of the day, you should always choose a shower that satisfies your personal preferences.

Benefits of an electric shower

  1. Since it only heats the water that you need, it is highly energy efficient
  2. Provides you with hot water any time you want. No delays are experienced
  3. Eco-friendly

Disadvantages of an electric shower

  1. Installation requires the help of a certified electrician
  2. Unsuitable for use with hard water as its heating elements can be affected by limescale
  3. It is ultimately more expensive to heat water with electricity than to do so with gas

Rest assured that all the electric showers in this review are easy to use, convenient and highly efficient. In order to cater for every price range, we made sure to feature a budget buy, a value buy and a high-end shower. So sit back and relax as we present you with the best electric showers of 2018.

Best Budget Electric Shower

The Mira Showers 1.1788.513 Vie

With more than 90 years of experience in shower technology, Mira Showers has been responsible for some of the most innovative shower designs. As such, it is not surprising that the Mira Showers 1.1788.513 Vie is one of the most sought-after electric showers on the market today.

Due to its exclusive Mira Clearscale technology, this electric shower reduces limescale build-up by up to 50%. This makes it very popular among people who live in hard water areas. Moreover, the Mira Showers 1.1788.513 Vie boasts of a stunning chrome finish and temperature controls that allow you to choose your desired temperature.

It is also worth noting that this electric shower ships with an installation user guide and a 2-year warranty. Honestly, it is surprising how much this shower offers at such a low price tag.

Mira Showers 1.1788.513 Vie

Benefits of the Mira Showers 1.1788.513 Vie

  1. Its Eco setting allows it to save both water and energy
  2. Its rub-clean nozzles make it easy to clean
  3. It is affordable yet long lasting

Disadvantages of the Mira Showers 1.1788.513 Vie

  1. There have been complaints about poor customer care on the part of the manufacturer

Manufacturers Specs

  • Weight: 2.49 kilograms
  • Power rating: 9.5 kW
  • Spray pattern: Single spray
  • Style: Standalone


Like other showers of the Mira brand, the Mira Vie 1.1788.513 is reliable and long-lasting. Moreover, its Clearscale technology is highly efficient. Ultimately, the Mira Vie 1.1788.513 is the best affordable electric shower available right now.


Best Value Electric Shower

The GROHE 27922000 Tempesta Cosmopolitan 160 Shower System

With brand values like technology, quality, sustainability, and design, it is not surprising that GROHE is a leading manufacturer of sanitary fittings. The GROHE 27922000 goes a long way in upholding this brand’s stellar reputation. Fully equipped with two spray options and a scratch resistant chrome finish, this electric shower doesn’t disappoint.

It comes with impressive water saving technology and amazing CoolTouch technology that keeps its fittings from heating up. Moreover, you will definitely sleep easier knowing that it features a safety lock that makes sure the water doesn’t heat to over 38 ºC. This function protects you and your family from the scalding hot water.

Although the GROHE 27922000 isn’t the cheapest electric shower system on the market, it is clear that it offers more than what it costs. You will also be happy to know that the GROHE 27922000 ships with an informative user guide.

GROHE 27922000

Benefits of the GROHE 27922000

  1. Easy to maintain
  2. Comes with an anti-lime system
  3. It keeps your water temperature at a constant temperature throughout your shower

Disadvantages of the GROHE 27922000

  1. Its controls are slippery
  2. Its instructions could be clearer

Manufacturers Specs

  • Weight: 5.5 kilograms
  • Spray pattern: 2 (rain and jet)
  • Safety stop temperature: 38 ºC
  • Water pressure: over 1 bar
  • Style: With diverter
  • Colour: Chrome


If you don’t mind spending a little extra cash on a sleek and feature-rich electric shower, the GROHE 27922000 is just what you need. Considering all that it has to offer, it definitely gives you good value for your money.


Best Performing Electric Shower

The Hansgrohe Crometta S 240

This top of the line electric shower system is a thing of beauty. Not only does it look sleek and sophisticated, but it is also highly efficient. Its high efficiency can be attributed to its amazing features. These include:

  • Two showerheads (overhead and handheld) for increased comfort and control while showering
  • Rotatable spray disc that makes it easy to switch between the two spray patterns of the handheld shower
  • Adjustable overhead shower angle and adjustable hand held shower height for increased comfort
  • A safety lock that ensures that the water is never heated to a temperature of above 40 ºC. This protects you from scalding hot water
  • A thermostat that keeps the water at a constant temperature during the duration of your shower
  • Chrome plating for good aesthetics and increased durability
  • Quick Clean technology for easy removal of limescale
  • Exposed design that makes installation easy
  • Anti-kink shower hose for easy flow of water
  • Eco-smart water saving mode

Benefits of the Hansgrohe Crometta S 240

  1. Stylish design
  2. Eco-friendly
  3. Premium build quality

Disadvantages of the Hansgrohe Crometta S 240

  1. Expensive
  2. Unsuitable for low-pressure water supply

Manufacturers Specs

  • Weight: 5.8 kilograms
  • Overhead showerhead diameter: 240 mm
  • Handheld showerhead diameter: 100 mm
  • Shower hose length: 1.6 m
  • Shower arm length: 350 mm
  • Maximum slide inclination angle: 45 degrees
  • Safety stop temperature: 40 ºC
  • Handheld shower spray patterns: 2 (Rain and IntenseRain)
  • Rain spray pattern water flow rate: 9 L/min at 3 bar
  • Style: With diverter
  • Colour: Chrome


Overall Rating

Although the Hansgrohe Crometta S 240 costs a pretty penny, it is completely worth it. Fully equipped with high-end features, this electric shower goes above and beyond what you expect from an ordinary shower. Ultimately, it does all that it promises to do without compromising on good aesthetics.


Best Electric Shower (Overall Winner)

The Hansgrohe Crometta S 240

While the Mira Showers 1.1788.513 Vie is a solid choice of electric shower, it lacks the most of the bells and whistles present in the GROHE 27922000 and the Hansgrohe Crometta S 240. On the other hand, the GROHE 27922000 comes with just enough fancy features to make your life easier without breaking your bank account.

However, if you are looking for the king of the electric shower world, look no further than the Hansgrohe Crometta S 240. This electric shower comes with a ton of features that will ensure that your showering experience is always invigorating.

It also helps that it is easy to install, eco-friendly and highly durable. At the end of the day, there is no better electric shower than the Hansgrohe Crometta S 240.

Hansgrohe Crometta S 240

The Bottom Line

Unlike traditional water heating systems, electric showers don’t need to heat a whole tank of water to provide you with a hot shower. These showers draw and instantaneously heat the exact amount of water you need for your shower, saving you a lot of energy.

This ensures that your hot water supply isn’t affected by any problems in your house’s water heating system. Because of such advantages, more and more people are choosing to use electric showers, leading to manufacturers flooding the market with different brands and models.

This is why we here at CleverHab decided to come up with this informative review. Considering the thorough research that went into coming up with it, we are hopeful that it has made your shower selection process much easier. Investing in any one of our featured electric showers is a decision you won’t regret.

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